Saturday, March 04, 2023

Micro Fiction March Day 4

So, this was the toughest day so far and there were moments where I said to myself "A poem, Oliver/ Why on Earth would you set a poem as a challenge?", because this is one of the forms of writing I have the least experience and the least confidence in. A piece of science fiction, horror, fantasy or a thriller? No problem! A bit of comic fiction? I can do that. But a poem? That is an altogether different kettle of fish.

So, today, I pondered for quite some time on the theme and then, once I'd decided what I was going to write about, I ended up pondering considerably longer as I tried to think what I wanted to say and how I could say it.

The result was a sonnet on the topic of unconditional love. Word count was no problem (a measly 114 words) but this was the slowest words per minute I think I've ever managed in my life. In the end, I quite liked it. I hope you do to.

Unconditional Love

For love doth come in many shapes and forms,

And I do not pretend to know them all,

Though some may falter through quarrels and storms,

Unconditional love requires no fall,

No barbs and thorns could ever dissuade me,

No fault in you could I ever discern

They say true love is blind and yet I see,

Purest light in your every twist and turn,

A smile from you enough to warm my heart,

A tear from your eye and I am bereft,

For you I know I would give everything,

Until there was truly naught in me left,

See true that my love is adamantine,

I am yours, and forever, you are mine.

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Andy Roberts said...

A girl, a boy
A gifted toy

A hug, a kiss
Sheer childhood bliss

A place, a time
A valentine

A ring, a knee

A man, a wife
No trouble, no strife

A stranger, a knife
One stolen life

A coffin, a wake
Endless heartache

A whim, a noose
A poetic truce

A man, a couch
A defeated slouch

A grave, a cry
A soft goodbye

A seat, a park
A light in the dark

A woman, a smile
Let’s stay a while

A coffee, a walk
A chance to talk

A movie, a drink
A chance to think

A hug, a kiss
Mr. and Miss

An eight, a ten
Whole again