Friday, March 24, 2023

Micro Fiction March Day 24


Today's challenge gave me a chance to play around with time travel and I wanted to try and do something that used time travel as a means to provide something that wasn't too gimmicky (as is sometimes my wont), but instead had a bit of emotional impact. I hope you feel I managed...

Day 24 - A Moment You'd Time Travel To

I’ve only to push the green button and my consciousness will be hurled back in time to a moment in my life of my choosing. My finger hovers over the button.

Do I go back to that day when things all started going wrong for us? The day when you chose her over me? Do I go back and see if I can avert that moment, avert that decision? Maybe if you’re not put in a position where you’re forced to choose, maybe if you then get to spend more time with me, then the decision you eventually make ends up being different?

But even if I do that, who’s to say that there won’t come another time when you don’t choose me? At that point, do I go through this all over again? Do I strap myself into the chronosphere and return to yet another point in time, and meddle and manipulate and try desperately to drag the timeline in the direction I want? Part of me says yes. Part of me is willing to do that. Part of me is willing to break the Universe to be with you.

I change the dial. I choose a different moment.

And I am instead in what I know will be the final time we are ever truly alone together and happy. I look into your blue eyes and I hold your face in my hands. I run my fingers through your hair and feel your strong arms around me. I smell your aftershave and feel the stubble on your neck against my lips.

When we part, I have tears in my eyes and you ask me why. I tell you that it’s simply because it hurts to be apart from you.

And when I say goodbye, I mean it.

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