Sunday, March 19, 2023

Micro Fiction March Day 19

Today's writing challenge hurt my head. It seemed fun when I set it ("no repeating words") but, my word, it's tough. And, of course, I couldn't resist trying to find some way in which to also work the phrase "no repeating words" into what I created. So, I managed to give myself something of headache in creating this. I had 300 words to play with but I only used 151 of them, and that means there are 151 different words here...

No Repeating Words

The monastery lay atop grey granite cliffs, concealed by thick clouds on inclement days and difficult to reach even when weather was perfect. Stone towers soared high. Birds wheeled far above. I struggled, feet blistered from effort, before pushing through an ancient wooden gate.

Monks live here; legend has it they rarely speak with strangers.

One robed monk approached, surprisingly talkative, but his elders were considerably less vocal instead studying me relatively remotely.

“Greetings, stranger! Welcome!”

Breathless after climbing, simply nodding all that existed within my capabilities. Body slumped, hands against marbled floor tiles, lungs aflame. Gathered seniors continued merely glaring silently. Finally raised myself.

Younger inhabitant continues chattering away, causing quite some confusion.

“What causes such differences in conversation? You so much, however older companions barely open their mouths.” 

“It’s a vow,” he said.

“Please explain more. Surely not silence?“

Head shakes, lips form wide grin.

“Of no repeating words.”

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