Saturday, March 11, 2023

Micro Fiction March Day 11

Today's challenge was inspired by a song title from a band called The Aristocrats (you can check out this live version if you like), and I had a vague idea of what I wanted to write but I couldn't quite work out how to make it work in only 300 words. I'm not 100% happy with the idea - and feel like this could easily be fleshed out into something more extensive - but I hit 300 words dead on...

Living The Dream

“So, basically, you’re saying I’m mad?”

“We don’t use that word here, Amy,” said Dr. Chalmers with a frown, “this seems like a possible case of False Memory Syndrome.”

“But you’re saying I dreamed up a six month relationship with John, right? That none of my memories of that time are real?”

“I know it can’t be easy to accept that your memory could be mistaken.”

“Look, I remember everything,” I said, “and then - bang - January 1st and everything’s different. John’s a different person and he doesn’t know me.”

“FMS can be triggered by trauma. It’s possible you experienced something traumatic on December 31st and these memories are your way of coping with that.”

“And how do you explain the things I know about him?”

“Amy, I want you to consider what’s more likely. That you skipped into an alternate timeline; or that your mind is tricking you. It’s possible you heard things about John at work without consciously realising, and they were then stirred up by your subconscious.”

“But I know what the inside of his apartment looks like. Right down to the odd socks he keeps in a special drawer.

“I talked to John and he was concerned about you. He worries you broke into his apartment.”

“For fuck’s sake.” I said, “I didn’t break into his apartment.”

“Is anything else different in the world around you?”

I paused, I’d looked; I’d looked hard; and I’d not found anything. “No.”

“So I want for today you to consider - just consider - the possibility that I’m right.”

“Fine,” I said, and rolled my eyes.

“Let’s meet up next week and discuss.”

I nodded and, for the three hundredth time, cursed 2023. The only thing good about it was going to be the Nirvana reunion concert in a few weeks time. 


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