Monday, March 27, 2023

Micro Fiction March Day 27

I was busy running an online workshop with a University in the US until 22.15 tonight so I was really cursing myself for coming up with such an awkward writing challenge for today - horror in rhyming couplets. This was tough and I was very worried I was going to miss the deadline. Feel like this is the worst thing I've written during this challenge, but I'm still proud I managed to write something today...

Horror in Rhyming Couplets

I only need a moment once I am near,

I crawl unseen and then into your ear,

I scurry so quick and take root in your brain,

Once you’re mine you’ll never be the same,

Controlled like a puppet, you’ll do as I please

Your mind revulsed by all that it sees,

Feeling such shame at the things I make you do,

And then when I leave, they’ll only blame you,

Claim you are innocent but no one will believe,

And so for my sins, punishment you’ll receive,

And you’ll begin to wonder if you’re not insane,

Easier to believe than a parasite in your brain,

Forcing you to go out and kill and to maim,

For to me such violence is simply a game,

I revel in bloodshed and laugh at their pain,

As I torture them over and over again,

Knives blunted from all the throats we have cut,

Hands bloody as many a sternum we’ll gut,

Mouth filled with blood as we dine on their corpse,

Your mind screaming helplessly as I choose the next course,

Who shall I make you devour today?

The old lady next door or the child across the way?

If you’re wondering how I initiate the pact,

I enter your ear so I just need to distract,

You’re reading this poem so you did not see,

Me creep up to your ear and enter with glee,

From then it’s simply a matter of time,

In a matter of hours you’ll be utterly mine.


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