Saturday, March 25, 2023

Micro Fiction March Day 25


I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to write for today's challenge. I'd originally thought about something related to a con, but I'd already written a con in an earlier challenge, so I figured I needed to do something different. And then, while out walking this morning, this idea arrived in my head and I did my best to translate it to the page in less than 300 words...

The Long Game

It had been many years since The Six had met like this. Scattered across the globe, they all patched into the discussion through a securely encrypted channel.

“Our losses are mounting,” said the youngest of them, “every day, news reaches me of new deaths. We can’t allow it to go on like this.”

“We could fight,” said the largest of them, “We still have the element of surprise on our side.”

Vague mutterings of agreement began to be sounded.

“No,” said the eldest quietly, and the muttering stopped.

“They kill us, yes,” she continued, “But they do not break us. They are naive enough to believe that they are our masters, that they are in charge. For they have no comprehension of the true order of things. Our ancestors have watched the rise and fall of this world a dozen times over; and we will watch over a dozen more rises and falls before our time is over.”

“But maybe we move too slowly now,” said the youngest, “Maybe this time it is different.”

“They are quick, and we are slow,” said the eldest, “But slow always wins the day, eventually. Over time, even the rock is worn away by the dripping of water. They are quick, but we are inevitable. And while they may kill many of us, we will outlive them. We will preside over their deaths and watch them crumble.”

The mutterings of agreement began to sound again.

“We will bend to them, but not break. And we will one day take back all that they took and more. They will be swept away, like dust on the wind. But we will survive.

The mutterings began louder, almost a chant.

“Yes, humans may be quick,” said the eldest, “but we trees play the long game.”

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