Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Micro Fiction March Day 22

Today's challenge was simply a title - "The Spire" and I decided to write something that feels like a fragment of a far bigger story. I find myself wondering just what price has been paid, and whether they will be successful in their quest...

The Spire

The Nexus. 

A city that lies at the edge of everything; where time and space meet, and science and magic intermingle. Some say the creators of The Nexus were Gods. Others say the creators of The Nexus are long dead. Still more believe that they have simply moved on to another plane of existence. But all that is known for sure is what remains of them; the singular, glittering artifact that is The Nexus..

And at the heart of The Nexus; The Spire.

An edifice that soars to dizzying heights, its summit disappearing into the banks of black and crimson clouds that permanently enshroud the city. No one who has entered The Spire has ever returned; yet, each year, thousands gather at its base on The Day of Ascendance in the hope of being selected as worthy to enter.

For at the very summit of The Spire; The Prize.

No one knows exactly what it is, but it has been waiting at the pinnacle of The Spire since time immemorial. A boon left by whatever race created The Nexus, a power to rival that of the Gods themselves. A reward for whomever can overcome the deadly challenges of The Spire. A reward that has waited for millenia to be claimed.

Missandra D’Jalan stood on the very edge of the rooftop, wind whipping her long blue hair out like a flag, and stared at The Spire. She had paid a high price in blood to be standing here. One hand resting on the pommel of her sword, its blade infinitely sharp, she carefully considered the tower that rose before her.

“What do you think?” asked Jelor, standing beside her.

“I think,” said Missandra, “that The Prize will soon be ours…”

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