Thursday, September 07, 2006

Job No.5 - Climate Change Adaptation Advisor

Today marked an incredibly tough decision that made my previous mental tug-of-war (between Broadcast Journalist and Chief Executive of WAGGGS) look like a veritable walk in the park...

In the blue corner we had Climate Change Adaptation Advisor with the WWF while, in the red corner, was the stunningly well-titled Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator with Stockton Borough Council.

I'm not sure how difficult it is to coordinate teenage pregnancies - the job advert didn't really explain how exact my timing would have to be and the numbers of participants involved - but I'm fairly sure it's a job I could manage to get the hang of, given enough time. I'd be a part of the Teenage Pregnancy Steering Group - which sounds like it either involves driving them to the supermarket or herding large groups of pregnant teenagers along Stockton-on-Tees high street.

But, the opportunity to work with the Worldwide Wrestling Federation proved to good to miss out on! I'm not entirely sure why they need someone to advise them on climate change adaptation - perhaps they are worried that too much moisture will affect the quality of the rings, or that global warming could make all forms of lycra-based competition extinct. Nevertheless, I have the suitable project management experience that they've asked for and have sent them my CV post-haste. I neglected to mention that I used to own a pair of lycra shorts and that, at a push, I can manage a 'three-quarter nelson' stranglehold - perhaps I should send them a follow up letter?


JoshC said...

I believe the WWF (world wrestling federation) was successfully sued by the REAL WWF for using their acronym.
I won't say what it is and spoil it for you though :)

General Disorder said...

Go with the WWF, work with wrestling pandas!