Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Job No. 11 - Guitarist

Today's application was a little more complicated than my previous attempts as I decided to apply to be the guitarist in Thrash Metal band Bleed The Sky.

I have to confess, I'd not heard of this band before but I did a Google news search on 'need guitarist' and came across a news story that said Bleed The Sky had parted ways with their current guitarist and were seeking a replacement. It seemed like too good an opportunity to miss, despite the fact I've never played any Thrash Metal in my life (and am not especially good at all that chugging chord playing stuff). Still, I wasn't going to let that put me off so I plugged the guitar in this morning and chugged away across a backing track (if you want to hear it, you can find it here, it's called Meltdown) to send them a sample of my playing.

For the record, Bleed The Sky look like this:Which presents an obvious problem because I don't really look like that - and I threw away all my teenage heavy metal t-shirts a long time ago! And, since the application required that I send photos, I had to try and create some photos in my garage to make me look a bit more metal. I didn't entirely succeed (see below):

Ok, so I didn't succeed at all! But if you want to see all three photos you can laugh at them on my myspace profile. Lots of hard work for this one - but when I'm gigging in California with them, it will all be worthwhile!!


Darren Conquest said...

Maybe you should consider some expatriate positions?

Many for Cambodia can be found on – or via more detailed interaction with the lunatics on

Either way, if you want ludicrous sounding goods, you should check out the development sector.


Darren Conquest said...

I believe that I have found the Cambodian NGO job for you...

*** ** *

[b]Christian Commitment Coordinator [/b]
World Vision Cambodia (WVC), a non-profit Christian Humanitarian Organization, committed to working with the poor and vulnerable, is seeking a qualified Cambodian to fill a vacant position of Christian Commitment (CC) Coordinator for Food and Water Security Programs based in Phnom Penh.

* To provide spiritual nurture to assigned program and project staff.
* To build church network within assigned program/project.
* To manage the church in partnership project.

Full Job Desc:

Oliver Davies said...

Thanks for the suggestions Darren - will definitely be looking Eastwards soon! :-)