Friday, September 08, 2006

Job No. 6 - Graduate Assistant

I have a user called Pinkvelvet on the Digital Spy Forums to thank for handing me a link to this and, while the position of Graduate Assistant may sound a tad dull in comparison to some of my more colourful recent applications, it is actually one of the most fascinating jobs I've stumbled across so far in my quest!

Ok, so there are lots and lots and lots of Graduate Assistant positions to be filled - but only ONE Graduate Assistant to Professor Stephen Hawking at his Relativity Group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at University of Cambridge!!!

The job description says I'd get to help prepare seminars and lectures and accompany him on his many travels. Imagine the fun we'd have! I could get answers to all the deep and meaningful the nature of space-time an emergent phenomena? Can we merge quantum theory and general relativity to form a quantum theory of gravity? And, perhaps most importantly of all, did the RSPCA ever manage to catch up with Schroedinger?

My experience in physics is, I must admit, limited. I studied it until the age of 14 but then had a bit of a falling out with my physics teacher in a discussion about tachyon particles and was told "I hope you're not planning on taking GCSE Physics". So I didn't - I took Drama instead. This means that, while I might not be able to help Steve with his geodesic equations, I can at least put on a bit of a song and dance to cheer him up...


General Disorder said...

I love that idea. You'd sort of be his personal puppet. He's the brains, you're the tap-dancing bod!

Oliver Davies said...

'Professor Stephen Hawking's Personal Tap Dancing Puppet' doesn't quite have the same ring to it!