Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Job No. 4 - Head of Culture

This position caught my eye while scanning through the Guardian job pages again - at first I thought it might be something to do with yoghurt (an industry I've often aspired to) but I soon realised that it was actually an opportunity to lead the 'cultural strategy' of Buckinghamshire County Council.

I'm not entirely sure what cultural strategy is - but it pays at least £68,000 a year, which can't be a bad thing! The requirements are five years at senior level (check - I've managed game development teams for at least that long!), proven ability in strategy management and change management (not entirely sure what the last one is - but I can't believe any project is less stable than some of the FUBAR games I've worked on, so I can manage a lot of change!) , drive and credibility (ok, may struggle on this one a bit).

Apparently, my ' flair, leadership and management skills will be more important than a relevant background' so I'm thinking I've got this one in the bag! How could they possibly turn down such an awe-inspiring candidate? Especially one with such boundless enthusiasm and cultural awareness!

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