Sunday, September 10, 2006

Job No. 8 - Deputy Director

So there I was, casting my job net far and wide across the internet, when I snagged something big - this was a Moby Dick of a catch, the sort of job that just sounds like it could be so much fun (at least to me anyway!) that I would happily do it for minimum wage!

Perhaps this is an occasion where the job title is loads more interesting than the job itself, but I somehow doubt it...if I get this job I will be Deputy Director, (adopts Buzz Lightyear voice) Exploration of the Universe Division at NASA. How cool is that job title? I mean, can you imagine yourself at dinner parties? "What do you do?" "I'm Deputy Director of the Exploration of the Universe Division". What an ice breaker!

The ad says that you need to be 'recognised in the international science community for research and publications in Ultraviolet-Optical Space Astronomy' but I figured this was just to try and put people off. After all, how many people in the international science community would you recognise? Not many, I'd be prepared to wager (I'm not sure if Patrick Moore counts). So I figured I'd go on the offensive in this area "What do you mean you don't recognise me? How dare you! Clearly you are not abreast of the most recent research and publications in Ultraviolet-Optical Space Astronomy!"

Apparently, applications will be separated into qualified and highly qualified categories. So I'm fairly confident of making the grade. The ad doesn't say whether you get a company rocket or not but I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


General Disorder said...

I'm impressed with this one myself! If you get it (of course you will) will you hire me? I'm excellent at pointing to shuttles and going 'ooooh' in a very enthusiastic way!

Oliver Davies said...

Consider yourself hired!