Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Job No.2 - Programme Executive

I have a user named 'Solsbury Hill' on the Guitar Forums to thank for this gem - I posted about my intention to begin this epic quest and he pointed me in the direction of this job, which is a marked departure from my first application!

Basically, the job involves you working for Channel 4 here in the UK and getting to be work in the department responsible for the acquisition of American TV shows. This is a job that I would genuinely enjoy and which I think I could be pretty good at - of course, my problem is I have absolutely no track record in TV. So, a little creativity was required in the CV...

During my time at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe I did some work on second and third party games - so I've turned this into acquisition work. I've also highlighted the fact I am used to working in small, busy team structures (a job requirement) and bigged up my administrative skills.

I applied online and will await further news :-)

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