Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Job No. 32 - Manager

Today I decided to really concentrate on my skills and to go for a job that didn't require me to lie about my experience - which is why I applied to be the Manager of the Chicago Cubs baseball team...

I've had a soft spot for baseball ever since I designed a baseball game back in my first job as a Lead Designer and so jumped at the chance to manage one of the most famous sides in baseball history. Of course, it's not a job that gets advertised on the Chicago Cubs website (trust me, I looked!) so to work out how to apply I had to phone up the Cubs and then get a fax number where I could send the following application letter to Jim Hendry, the General Manager:

Dear Jim

I am writing with regard to the, currently vacant, position of Manager with the Chicago Cubs and wish to register my interest in the position.

I have, what I believe to be, is an exemplary track record in sports management having been involved at the very highest level in baseball in the UK since 1994 (where I led a team that produced what it widely regarded as Europe’s finest baseball result in 1996). In addition, I have been involved with football (soccer) for considerably longer and, in 1999 managed Hartlepool United from the lower divisions to earn them a place in the, highly lucrative, Champions League.

Most recently, I was considered for the position of National Coach of the Irish Cricket Union, reflecting my broad knowledge of sports and, in particular, my experience with sports computer science.

I noted in an interview yesterday that you stated you were looking for “the best guy – even if he’s a rising star.” I believe I can be that rising star and can help you lead the Cubs back to where they belong – at the very top of baseball.

I also gave him my telephone number in case he wanted to phone me and discuss my background...

Ok, so maybe I bent the truth slightly in my application letter. I was involved with baseball since 1994 (making a videogame of it) and the game was released in 1996 and was touted as one of the best baseball games of the time (hence Europe's finest). And I did manage Hartlepool United from the lower leagues to the Champions League in 1999 - it was just in Championship Manager. And, as you know, the Irish Cricket Union did consider me for the position of National Coach (in fact, I've still not heard back from them so perhaps I'm still in with a shout for that!).

You know, I'm very hopeful for this one. In fact, I'm quietly confident that Jim will be on the phone to me very soon to discuss my, not inconsiderable, relocation package...


Anonymous said...

Well, it's good to see you weren't lying. I like to believe I use the same tactic myself. I don't lie. Well, except for when I lie a lot.

I'm dying to know what happens in the event they decide you're god and that they want you!

Oliver Davies said...

Hmmm...maybe that should be my next application? Are you sure there's a vacancy...?