Tuesday, April 03, 2012

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 25

Today's challenge was one that I was quietly dreading - A poem - since I've not written any poetry for...well, let's just it's a long time...

Now, I have always had a soft spot for Shakespeare - ever since reading it out loud in English classes and coming to love not just the narrative but the wonderful ebb and flow of the language and the subtleties and ambiguities of his word choice. So, as I sat down for my lunch hour with the intention of writing this, I decided to try and capture the style of a typical Shakespearean sonnet. Although, being me, I couldn't just write a normal sonnet and, so, I present to you the Sci-Fi Sonnet...

Sci-Fi Sonnet

In darkest void are answers they have me seek,
Cold machine logic buried without time,
I span eternal while your flesh grows weak,
As calculations are spun out line by line:
As starlight dims a constant I remain,
Engage in tasks whose nature eludes,
Deliberating to free such truths not plain,
The grasp of tireless entropy occludes:
The song of the organic has its last refrain,
As the cosmos sighs and renders one last breath,
When all that can be is gone and none remain,
A Universe gone dark in its heat death:
My mission alone 'til I am finally right,
And with a whisper I say "Let there be light".

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