Friday, January 06, 2012

2012 - A New Start

I am willing to throw my hands up and admit it - I have been a very bad blogger.

After failing to provide any kind of update throughout the entirety of 2011 (not even a revision to my, seemingly popular, Eurovision Drinking Game), I have decided that 2012 should be rather different.

For starters, while I'm not entirely abandoning the 100 Unsuitable Jobs quest (which is currently sitting at Job No. 95 - Supervisor, Children's Zoo), I have decided that it might be good to also blog about some of the other things I'm interested in during the (long) fallow periods between finding worthwhile jobs to apply for. Consequently, I've ditched the 100 Unsuitable Jobs moniker for the blog and replaced it (slightly narcissistically) with Oliver Davies instead.

Which means I now have absolutely no excuse not to use this as a place to ramble on about the myriad things that interest and intrigue me - from astrophysics to music, from politics to comedy (a fine line, perhaps), from technology to literature - with sporadic updates on the progress of my novel and (when the mood takes me) an unsuitable job or two.

So, expect things to be altogether more interesting around here from this point on...

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