Sunday, February 05, 2012

Oliver's 30 Day Writing Challenge

30 day challenges. I've seen a few of them popping up here and there on Facebook; there was a 30 day song challenge (although I'm not sure that posting links from youtube can be officially classified as challenging) and a 30 day drawing challenge (which was a challenge way too far for my limited artistic abilities). But, I thought to myself, a 30 day writing challenge would be altogether a different kettle of fish...

But, in browsing the interwebs, I found that, although there were a number of 30 day writing challenges in existence, they were all, uniformly, dreadful. Rather than inspiring my to flex my creative muscles, they were tedious and unimaginative and asked me to write about things like 'roses' or 'my crush'. So, it dawned upon me that, if the internet was not going to deliver a kick-ass 30 day writing challenge then I was just going to have to do it all by myself.

March seemed like a good place to start and, frankly, I think March deserves it. I checked and, apart from being National Nutrition Month and Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, March is sadly neglected. So, I say, let's change all that and make March the month of the (kick-ass) 30 day writing challenge.

A writing challenge appeals to me on a variety of levels. Firstly, it challenges me to write in ways that are often a little outside of my comfort zone. Secondly, it's public, so there's an added incentive to actually produce every single day. Thirdly, I love writing and I hope that maybe, just maybe, one or two other people will see this as an excellent opportunity to sharpen their own writing chops. Trust me, it's going to be fun.

So, the 30 challenges are as follows:

Day 1:  A place that you love.
Day 2:  Facing the fear
Day 3: A genre you've never written in before.
Day 4: Dialogue only, please.
Day 5: Inspired by your favourite song.
Day 6: Second person coffee.
Day 7: A day in the life of your favourite comic book character.
Day 8: A place that exists only in your mind.
Day 9: El Diablo
Day 10: The Interview
Day 11: A moment in history.
Day 12: Your passion
Day 13: The place you grew up.
Day 14: In the style of a favourite writer.
Day 15: The road goes ever on
Day 16: How an event from yesterday could have gone
Day 17: The Ocean
Day 18: The taste of your favourite meal.
Day 19: The day of randomness - use a random page from Wikipedia to inspire you!
Day 20: A place you want to visit.
Day 21: First person blind date.
Day 22: Night
Day 23: Standing at the precipice
Day 24: The City
Day 25 A poem.
Day 26: Something you witnessed today.
Day 27: A snippet from a novel you want to write.
Day 28: Second person bank robbery
Day 29: Blue Powder
Day 30: The End

As you may have noticed, some of the challenges are pretty unambiguous while others are very much open to interpretation. March is, officially, going to be awesome.


Alex said...

Great idea, challenge accepted!

Oliver Davies said...

Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

I love writing, and have been looking for writing challenges. Yours is truly the one I'm most excited to try, for the ones I found are.. Eh..

Simran said...

This is wonderful!!! Challenge accepted :) I've been looking for a 30 day writing challenge that isn't an insult to my intelligence; thank you so much for creating it. I blogged about it! i plan to spend august, the last month of summer, answering your challenge.