Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year Update

Is it just me that finds it hard to believe that it is now 2010, a date I previously believed only existed in Arthur C Clarke novels?

Well, I figured a quick update on how things are going was well due but, I can only assume due to the Christmas post, things have been relatively quiet. I received an encouraging, if slightly disappointing, response from my application for an Adult Day Center Specialist. They told me:

"Although your background and experience are impressive, we cannot offer you a position at this time."

I also continued to be upset by my failure to apply to be Director of the NATO Undersea Research Centre - however, my spirits were lifted somewhat when I saw, in the log of IP addresses that have visited the blog, that I have received a number of visits from an IP address that is registered to the NATO Undersea Research Centre. So perhaps, even though I didn't manage to get my application in on time, they are still planning on considering me...

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