Sunday, May 13, 2007

Book update...

Well, while there's no news yet of any publishers deciding to snap the blog up and give me a huge seven-figure advance (allowing me to retire in luxury where I can spend all day drinking tea and eating cream cakes), there is a little bit of an update on the news I had in January - the news being that a US publisher wants to include two of my blog entries in an anthology of non fiction...

Today I found the book (which is released in July) had a listing on Amazon! Apparently it is a collection of "Narrative nonfiction at its cutting-edge best from writers at the cusp of recognition and fame."

The editor published the book with the intention of finding "
new voices and innovative ideas — essays and articles written with panache and power

I am quite pleased that someone thought I fell into either of these categories. However, I am not quite so certain about the old 'at the cusp of recognition and fame' bit - unless it's a bloody big cusp, that is...


Anonymous said...

Hey, if it's a cusp, it's a cusp, and who are we writers to argue with cusps?

you're gonna do fine, and if all else fails, publish it yourself!

I'll give you my publisher's website. they're shit, they'll take up anything, but at least when it comes down to it, you'll be published, you'll be on amazon, and I can't think of anyone out there who, especially if you promote it enough, won't buy such genius!

You're really great with your words, honey!



Chris Howard said...

Well, coming from someone with no cusp readily visible, I would accept one despite its modesty.
Thanks for the site

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way when they contacted me thought my blog to be in the book.

I am still pretty sure I suck. But at least now I can be famous for it.

Wait. That's probably not a good thing, is it?